9 Reasons Your Business Needs Email Marketing
Posted On: September 14
Benefits of email marketing

What if I told you there was a marketing channel used by nearly 4 billion people that costs little to no money to start using?

As a business owner, it makes sense to investigate a channel that offered such a wide reach for such low startup costs.

So what’s this miraculous, low-cost marketing method?

Drumroll, please!

The marketing channel your business should use if it wants to see amazing ROI, engage with eager customers, and reach people on multiple platforms is…email.

That’s right, good old fashioned email is a channel that 59% of marketers say is their biggest source of ROI. It’s also a medium that 59% of respondents to a survey from SaleCycle say influenced their purchasing decisions.

Email marketing offers promising results from a channel that billions of users across the globe are familiar with. So what exactly is it, and what are some other benefits your business is going to see from an effective email marketing strategy?

Check out some of our thoughts below.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email to communicate with your customers. Any type of email communication you’ve received from a business is likely part of a larger email marketing campaign.

Different types of email marketing campaigns can include:  

  • Welcome emails to thank and acknowledge customers who sign up for email list
  • Newsletters to deliver regular information and communications from your business to your customers
  • One-off offers to tell customers about a new deal, promotion, or product
  • Nurture tracks to provide prospects and leads with helpful information (that will hopefully convince them to do business with you)

Ultimately, email marketing is a convenient way to regularly communicate with potential cleints and existing customers. 

But just because something is convenient doesn’t necessarily mean you should start doing it. So why do we think investing time in creating an email marketing strategy is a solid move for businesses of any size?

Read on to learn about just a few of the positive results you could see if you start marketing via email.

Top benefits of email marketing for your business

The main selling point of email is that it’s a low-risk marketing channel. And if you create and maintain smart, responsive email strategies, your business can reap quite a few rewards from this type of marketing. Below are the main benefits of using email marketing.

1. You own your list

There’s no other marketing channel that gives you as much direct control over communication with your audience as email. 

With email marketing, you don’t have to worry about Google changing its search algorithms or how advertising terms continually change on social media. All you need to do is continue delivering useful, interesting content so the people on your list stay subscribed.

2. It’s easy to personalize your messaging

Another characteristic that sets email apart from other marketing channels is the ease with which you can communicate with subscribers on an individual level. Other marketing platforms require creating more generalized messages for a broader audience. But email gives you the opportunity to address subscribers directly with your language and content. 

At the very least, you can personalize emails with readers’ names. And on a more advanced level, you can create personalized campaigns to deliver to users at different stages in their buying cycles.

3. Your subscribers want to hear from you

Unlike targeted ads or social media posts, you’re not making guesses—however educated—about who wants to hear from your business. People who are receiving your emails have already opted in to communication from you. They want to know about your new offer or read your latest insightful blog post.

Benefits of email marketing
Your subscribers are already open to communication from your business.

4. It’s a versatile marketing channel

You can use email marketing campaigns to see immediate results in the short-term. For example, if you’re hosting a flash sale on your e-commerce site, you can send out an email to everyone on your list to alert them. 

But you can also create strategies that pay off in the long term, like lead nurturing tracks or regular newsletters. These types of campaigns keep prospects and customers engaged over longer periods of time, keeping your business top-of-mind for them.

The ability to send a one-off message to subscribers immediately and create campaigns that can carry on for months makes email a highly flexible marketing medium.

5. It’s a global platform that can serve a local audience

Aside from the messaging versatility of email marketing, email itself is a platform with international reach. But using tools like list segmentation, you can narrow your audience down to hyperlocal customers. For example, a global retail chain can alert its customers to sales happening near them instead of blasting their entire email list with news about a sale happening at a store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Benefits of email marketing
Reach your customers in different countries or next door with email marketing. 

Ultimately, your audience can be as large as you want to make it or as focused as you need it to be to sell your product or service effectively.

6. It works for businesses at any stage in their development

Established businesses can use email marketing to continue to engage subscribers and encourage repeat business. But businesses that don’t even have a developed product or service can also use email to generate interest in their product, solicit a community of beta testers, or offer early sign-up promotions. 

7. It gives you a platform to collect customer feedback

Asking customers about their experience with your business is a smart, proactive move for any business. You can use positive feedback as customer testimonials. And negative feedback points out places where your business can improve.

Since subscribers are already on the lookout for emails from your business, they’ll likely be more responsive to customer surveys. And using segmentation, you can send follow-up surveys to customers based on how they’ve interacted with your business. You can send different surveys to someone who’s purchased your product for the first time, for example, than to a repeat customer.

8. It helps you drive traffic back to your site

Most of your emails likely include links to relevant content on your business’s website. Driving subscribers back to your site through product links or prompts to read a blog post in full helps to improve your site traffic numbers. And more people spending time on your site helps increase your SEO by signaling to Google that people find your site useful.

9. There are relatively few hurdles to get started, even for beginners

As long as you—or one of your employees—can string a few coherent sentences together, you have the skills necessary to start your first email marketing campaign. And if those sentences convey the value of your business to potential customers and clients, you’ll be able to start building your email list.

You can start crafting an email campaign with a laptop and a few sentences.

Many email marketing tools offer the basic tools you need to send professional-looking emails. Drag-and-drop editing capabilities make crafting emails easy. And free stock photos or low-cost design tools like Visme make creating graphics easy for businesses without designers on hand.

Finally, most email marketing software offers a free option for businesses with small—or nonexistent—lists. But for every $1 spent on email, the average business sees nearly $40 in revenue.

For every $1 spent on email, the average business sees nearly $40 in revenue. Click To Tweet

So even the low costs of getting started with a basic email marketing tool offer a relatively high ROI.

With low starting fees and easy-to-use tools, email is a highly accessible marketing channel, even for business owners with little marketing experience.

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Start your own email marketing campaign

Starting an email marketing campaign requires very few resources to start and offers the potential for increased revenue and more engaged customers. 

However, if you want to create campaigns that generate new leads, encourage repeat customers, convince prospects who are on the fence, and help, your subscribers find valuable information, you might want to call in a professional.

Make sure you’re creating a holistic email marketing strategy that speaks to potential clients and customers at every stage in your sales cycle and marketing funnel. Schedule a call with Capital Consulting Group to see how an experienced, attentive marketing firm can help you create an email strategy that works for your business, without the guesswork.