How to Create a Lead Magnet to Grow Your List
Posted On: December 7
Lead magnet

When building relationship with prospective customers or clients, one of the most powerful things you can do is to give them something for free, such as a valuable piece of information, free guide, or downloadable PDF. In marketing terms, this is called a lead magnet–and it’s one of the simplest, most strategic ways to gain new subscribers, build relationship, and ultimately, generate new customers. 

By definition, a lead magnet is a free item (typically a piece of content) that’s exchanged for the email address (and sometimes additional data) of a prospective customer. A lead magnet is often offered in a “pop-up” window on a web page, through a link that may be placed on a homepage, in a blog post, or on any other marketing asset. 

In theory, a lead magnet should benefit both parties involved. Click To Tweet

Your potential customer gets information they’ll find valuable and interesting, and you get to grow your email list, generate valuable new leads, and gain more opportunities to sell your product or service. 

In the following article, we’ll take a look at a) why lead magnets are so beneficial, and b) how you can create different types of lead magnets to grow your email list–and ultimately, to generate more customers and clients. 

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3 Benefits of a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are beneficial for a number of reasons, delivering both short- and long-term results to marketers. Here are three benefits that you can expect from creating a quality lead magnet. 

Gain new subscribers. 

The first, the most immediate benefit of a lead magnet is that it helps you to grow your email subscriber list. Prospects have an opportunity to share their email address with you in exchange for receiving the free lead magnet. In turn, you have permission (which should be clearly stated) to begin sending them marketing emails. 

Theoretically, your subscribers should benefit from both ends of the transaction. After all, if they’re interested in purchasing your product or service, your email campaigns will also provide ongoing value to them by informing them about special promotions, new product releases, and more. 

Grow trust with prospective customers. 

By offering something for free to potential customers, you communicate this powerful message: You want to give to your customers, not take from them. You’re establishing a transactional relationship based on your generosity–and in doing so, you’re showing consumers that you want to provide them with real value. 

Lead magnet

Build branding. 

A lead magnet is a potent new opportunity to build your personal branding. Much like a blog article, a content-based lead magnet gives you a chance to show yourself as an expert in your particular space. It’s also a chance to develop your brand voice. 

5 Types of Lead Magnets

As described above, a lead magnet is a piece of content that’s offered for free. Acting as the kick-off point in a sales funnel, it’s often provided on your homepage, in a pop-up window, in a blog article, or on another market asset. Once the interested subscriber provides their email address, they typically receive the lead magnet in a separate email. 

Lead magnets often offer high-value content that’s sometimes a “step up” from a regular blog post. But the strategy for offering that content varies. Here are five ideas for lead magnets that your prospects will love.  

Content upgrade. 

A content upgrade is a relevant piece of content that’s added to a full-length blog post. Interested readers who want to learn or know more can provide their email addresses to get the content upgrade. For example, a site visitor reading about “10 Ways to Get a Tax Break for Your Small Business” might download a content upgrade on “FAQ’s on Tax Season for Small Business Owners.”


An e-book is probably your highest value option for a lead magnet, providing well-researched, in-depth information on a topic that would be of particular interest to your prospect. For example, if you sell a natural health supplement, you can bet that your site visitors are interested in holistic health alternatives. That being said, you can offer a free, 16-page e-book on intermittent fasting, superfood ingredients to boost your immunity, or diets that reduce inflammation in the body. 


A checklist is a quick, easy lead magnet that also offers a lot of value to prospects. Depending on the kind of product or service you offer, think creatively about a set of steps that might be valuable to your audience. Would they be interested in a checklist for setting up a personal website, or preparing for a dinner party? Think about detail-oriented processes that you can educate your prospects about…and then show them what you know in a useful, free checklist. 


Everyone loves a basic guide to concepts and topics that are often discussed, but rarely understood. Think about what your brand can teach prospective customers about–knowledge that you may take for granted yourself! If you run an ecommerce site where you sell home decor, write a comprehensive guide on Moroccan rugs. Or, if you sell a consulting service for realtors, sell a comprehensive guide on marketing funnels for real estate agents. 


A worksheet–or short workbook–is a fun, interactive, and useful piece of content that can help prospects learn and think through personal processes. For example, if you specialize in building team relationships in the workplace, you can offer a worksheet on understanding your personality type, and how to relate to others. Or, if you sell personal training services, you can offer a worksheet on creating attainable fitness goals. 

Lead magnet

At the end of the day, choosing a lead magnet that’s right for your product or service depends on your audience–not you. Think about what would be most useful and enticing for your ideal buyer or purchaser, and build something around their wants and needs. Remember that it’s about how you can provide maximum value and begin building a relationship that meets their needs and positions your product or service as a generous friend and guide. 

Creating Quality Lead Magnets

A lead magnet can be a powerful asset for generating new subscribers and positioning your brand–but it has to be high quality. Before creating your lead magnet, consider how you’ll present your information with copy and if applicable, graphics and design, that align with your branding and speak clearly to your audience. Write simple, conversational copy, remember your audience, and speak to their needs and desires. 

Finally, don’t forget to occasionally tie back your content to your product or service–giving your prospects a “next step” to take with your brand. Though a lead magnet is valuable in and of itself, it’s ultimately a means to an end. In other words, it’s a powerful step in a sales funnel that helps you generate more customers….and more profits. 

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