Why Building an Email List is Important for Your Business
Posted On: November 23
Benefits of Building an Email List

If you have a business, you need an email list now. Not next month. Not when you reach a certain amount of sales. Right this second.

Why is an email list so important and urgent?

Below, I’ll explain the benefits of building an email list and why you need to create one as soon as you finish reading this post. Let’s get started.

A Quick Look at the Numbers for Email Marketing

Before we delve into the benefits of email list building, let’s look at a few need-to-know statistics about email marketing:

Benefits of Building an Email List

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What does all of this mean? 

Email is here to stay, and it plays a huge role in marketing your business to future customers. Let’s dive deeper into how email list building actually benefits your business.

Benefit #1: You Own Your Email List

You don’t own Twitter, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did? The same goes for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Those are the big five social media platforms that everyone uses these days. 

You’re probably on at least one of these social platforms, which is a good thing because it allows you to connect with your customers and generate new leads. 

Here’s the bad news: You’re only renting your space on these platforms. 

At any moment, the capacious gods of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, can decide that you’re violating their terms of the agreement and shut down your page. 

They could (and often do) change their algorithms so that your posts may no longer pop up in your followers’ news feeds. 

Plus, these platforms are increasingly becoming “pay to play.” Even if you have engaged followers on these platforms, they may not see your posts because you’re not paying for promotion.

And social media platforms aren’t the only ones that can change algorithms. Search engines do it, too. This means that even your website can be affected when people search on Google, Bing, et al. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about these issues when it comes to email. You own your email list and don’t have to worry about being shut down or buried.

Benefit #2: You Get Your Email Subscriber’s Undivided Attention

Social media is great for connecting with your audience, but you’re also competing with everyone else on their news feed. Who will ultimately get your customer’s attention—you or Aunt Sheryl’s cute kitten photos?

The structure of the inbox means that you have your email subscriber’s undivided attention. If your subscriber scrolls down, they’ll see your call to action, not another post. That’s a major benefit that email has over social media.

Here's a major benefit that email has over social media: If your subscriber scrolls down, they’ll see your call to action, not another post. Click To Tweet

You can use your emails to connect with your audience and sell to them when appropriate. 

Benefit #3: You Have an Opportunity to Build a Relationship With Your Subscriber

It’s a rare unicorn that stumbles across your business and decides to purchase right away. This is especially if you sell products or services online. Your prospects need time to get to know you and decide whether or not they trust you. Before buying, they must be sure that you’ll provide the value that they’re after.

Email gives you the perfect opportunity to establish and then nurture a relationship with your subscriber. The goal of email marketing is simple. Share so much value for free with your subscriber that they:

  1. Develop a positive impression of your brand
  2. Understand what you’re selling and how it benefits them
  3. Want to buy from you

Conversion is inevitable when you’re able to achieve all of the above. You can do this through nurturing via email. 

Here’s a beginner-friendly guide to building your email list from scratch.

Benefit #4: Email is More Personal

Even if you send the same email to multiple people, you can still create a personal experience for your subscribers. 

This is what distinguishes emails from blogs and social media posts. 

Although great for educating your prospects and marketing your business, your blog and social media posts cannot appear as if they were written to one specific person. Email can do that, though, and you can achieve amazing levels of personalization through this medium.

Thanks to the magic of segmentation (i.e. dividing your email list into smaller groups), you can write personalized emails that will make your subscribers feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. 

Start by segmenting your subscribers based on the most important criteria for your business, such as:

  • Customer personas (data-based models that represent your customer types)
  • Demographics (location, job title, etc.) 
  • Past purchases
  • Sales funnel and customer journey

There are many ways to slice and dice your email list. Choose segments that allow you to personalize the content of your emails. For example, if you sell pet products, you may segment your list based on personas, more specifically cat lovers, dog parents, and fish fanatics. Then, you can send dog-specific emails to the dog parents on your list. This will create a more personalized experience for your subscribers. 

Additionally, you can personalize your emails by simply adding your subscriber’s first name to your emails. This small gesture can make your subscriber feel more connected to your brand.

Benefits of Building an Email List

Benefit #5: You Stay in Contact With Your Subscriber

You can use email to stay connected with your audience in ways that you can’t do through blogging alone. 

While you may be able to educate and nurture your audience through your posts, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll actually see your posts. Maybe they’ve bookmarked your website, but let’s be real. How often do you visit the bookmarks that are saved on your browser of choice? Most people bookmark but never return because they’ve completely forgotten about you. That spells disaster when it’s time to buy. What if they search and stumble across your competitor instead?

This is where email comes to the rescue. If you’re fortunate enough to get a website visitor to join your email list, you can then stay in contact with them over email. This gives you a chance to create “top of mind” awareness for your product and your brand. You’ll also be able to send updates to your subscriber as soon as you have a new blog post, thereby directing them back to your website.

(Side note: This is also why you need to build your email list starting today. Capture your site visitors now so that you can develop a relationship with them. Don’t cross your fingers and hope that they’ll return when you have the power to create an email list and invite them on to it.)

Benefit #6: You Can Sell Over Email

You may think that you can sell on social media. While you can promote your products directly on social media, that’s not its best use. At its heart, social media is not about selling. Instead, it’s about inspiration, education, entertainment, and relationship. People aren’t looking to buy a product on social media. They’re looking to connect. This is why you can build an incredible community of social media, but you shouldn’t expect to directly sell on social media. 

But do you know where you can sell?

That’s right. On your email list. Your email list is composed of individuals who have given you permission to sell to them. They actually expect you to share promotional content with them.

But that doesn’t mean that you should spam their inbox with non-stop promotional emails. Give more than you request by sharing resources, news, tips, and tricks in the majority of your emails. Eighty percent of your emails should be educational, relationship-building resources. That means that only 20% of your emails should be promotional. But, if you honor this balance, your promotional emails will be much more successful.

Benefit #7: Your Email Will Wait for Your Subscriber

On social media, your post may only live for a few hours before it’s lost forever (from the average follower’s perspective). Social media posts expire much quicker than emails. That’s because your follower can scroll past your social media post, or may not even see it if their feed is filled with lots of new posts.

However, email is different. Sure, they receive other emails, but the inbox is way less crowded than the social media news feed. Plus, your email will stay in your subscriber’s inbox until they read it and/ or delete it. Subscribers can also forward your email, reply to it, and search for it, all from their inbox with ease.

Final Thoughts

Creating an email list is crucial for every business. You can use email to build a relationship with your audience that will eventually turn into sales. So, what are you waiting for? Get started building that list. Use the below resource to help:

Pick up your beginner-friendly guide to building an email list from scratch here.